Alternatives To Flossing

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It would be tough to find someone who enjoys flossing their teeth in their spare time. In short, flossing can be difficult, time consuming, and sometimes uncomfortable. However, cleaning between teeth is also an important oral hygiene practice. Here are several interdental cleaners that work as great alternatives to flossing.

Wooden Plaque Remover

This type of interdental cleaner is similar to a toothpick. After moistening the wood so it is soft, you can use the plaque remover to clean between your teeth. It is important to handle this tool carefully so your do not harm your gums.

Dental Tape

If you have difficulty flossing, then there is a type of floss which is easier to use. Dental tape is like floss in every way except for its shape. This wide, flat ribbon is easier to hold and handle than dental floss.

Oral Irrigator

This device is also known as a water flosser because it sprays water between teeth. However, there is a debate over this device because many believe that it does not clean plaque out from between teeth. Speak with your dentist about whether an oral irrigator will benefit your dental health.

Interdental Brush

This tiny brush has bristles which are small enough to slide between teeth. This brush is not only easier to use than floss, but studies have shown that it also does a better job at cleaning between teeth.