Providing You with the Newest Standards of Technology.

Successfully providing superior oral care is as much an art as a science. As scientific knowledge has increased over recent years, Dr. Huber has had the pleasure of utilizing increasingly better technologies that improve oral health, self-esteem and comfort. He can help you obtain a healthier, more beautiful smile with:

  • Digital X-Rays reduce radiation by 90%! And the image can be shown on a computer screen so you can see it for yourself. Once the picture is taken, Dr. Huber can adjust the contrast and brightness to optimize diagnosis and find even the smallest decay.
  • DIAGNOdent is a diagnostic laser scanner which detects cavities years before any other cavity detection method can discover them. Because decay is detected sooner, the fillings will be smaller. The scanner directs a harmless laser beam at the tooth. If even the smallest amount of decay is detected, sensors alert Dr. Huber to its presence, location and severity so it can be treated.
  • Drill-free dentistry Air abrasion uses a fine, yet powerful mist to safely and gently prepare your teeth for many dental procedures. Air abrasion is good with early decay and helps to preserve tooth structure.
  • Video imaging gives cosmetic dental patients a preview of their beautiful new smile before a procedure even begins
  • PROPHY-JET is a gentle, ultrasonic micro-vibration used in combination with water to remove stubborn tartar buildup without heavy scraping. This high-tech cleaning causes the tarter to fall right off the tooth thus reducing the amount of scraping.
  • Intraoral Cameras are wand-like devices with a tiny magnifying lens that projects a picture from a patient’s mouth onto a screen. Fractured enamel, gum recession, and breakdowns of restorations are easily detected by the doctor and patient.