Smart Toothbrush Technology

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With the latest iPhone 6 being released, “smart” technology is again all the buzz. Smart phones can now be used for so much more than a telephone call. This modern technology has also stretched beyond the telephone into many other aspects of daily life. Do you have a smart watch or a smart car? How about a smart toothbrush? That’s right, there are now smart toothbrushes that can monitor and direct your brushing habits in real time. Technology and dentistry are quickly colliding as more and more smart toothbrushes are coming onto the market.

If you and your children already have good brushing habits, a smart phone app for your toothbrush may be unnecessary; however, the built-in data tracking  and games can be a great tool to encourage young children to want to brush their teeth and it can help parents and dentists monitor how well a child is brushing. Children are more likely to want to brush when it is presented as a game instead of a chore. With a toothbrush such as Grush, the toothbrush transforms into a handheld controller for the games that you can play on your smart phone. Simply mount the phone to your bathroom mirror and you’re ready to play.

Smart toothbrushes aren’t just for fun – they can provide valuable information as well. Would you be willing to share your teeth brushing records with your dentist? The smart toothbrush can be a great accountability tool in order to help make sure you are brushing your teeth for at least two minutes and brushing twice a day, and the dentist can offer you tips and suggestions based upon your brushing habits.

Dental health and modern technology are combining forces to revolutionize the tooth brushing experience. What are your thoughts about these new technologies?

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