A Badly Chipped Tooth Might Need to Be Restored with a Crown

A chipped tooth can be caused by a variety of things. Most chips are a result of a hard fall, blow to the face or teeth grinding. Even if the chip doesn’t cause any pain or increased sensitivity, you should still have it looked at by our experienced dental team. If the chip is significant, we might recommend having the tooth... read more »

What Can Cause Your Dental Filling to Deteriorate?

Are you practicing excellent oral hygiene to keep your smile healthy and vibrant? Your daily brushing and flossing and six month dental checkups, all work to give your smile a fighting chance against tooth decay and gum disease. Even so, bacterial plaque can wreak havoc on your pearly whites, resulting in cavities. When this happens, dental fillings will restore your... read more »

The Different Types Of Chipped Teeth

You used your teeth to open a water bottle cap. You got tackled while playing football. You ground your teeth chronically while sleeping. All of these actions can result in chipped or fractured teeth. Even if a crack is small, it can cause pain, sensitivity, decay, or even infection. Some of the ways your tooth can fracture include: Craze Lines:... read more »