A Badly Chipped Tooth Might Need to Be Restored with a Crown

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A chipped tooth can be caused by a variety of things. Most chips are a result of a hard fall, blow to the face or teeth grinding. Even if the chip doesn’t cause any pain or increased sensitivity, you should still have it looked at by our experienced dental team. If the chip is significant, we might recommend having the tooth restored with a dental crown in Leawood, Kansas.

At the first appointment, your dentist, Dr. Stephen Huber, will want to examine the tooth by taking some X-rays. It’s important to make sure that the sensitive internal structures of the tooth are healthy and that the problem is only limited to the enamel layer.

The dentist will then numb the area and use a drill to remove the majority of the enamel layer. This leaves behind a small post known as an abutment, which will later serve as an anchor for your new dental crown.

Your dentist will then take an impression of the abutment and the surrounding teeth. Next, he will cover the abutment with a hard, plastic temporary crown. The impression will be sent to the dental lab where your new crown is made.

When your new crown is ready, our dental team will call you back into our office for a brief follow-up appointment. During this visit, the temporary crown will be removed and your new permanent crown will be cemented in place.

If you have a badly chipped tooth, please contact our caring team at 913-543-3751 to schedule an appointment.