PROPHY-JET is a gentle, ultrasonic micro-vibration used in combination with water to remove stubborn tartar buildup without heavy scraping. Ultrasonic scalers in Leawood, Kansas, involve a high-tech cleaning that causes the tarter to fall right off the tooth, thus reducing the amount of scraping. With this and other technology, you can experience more comfortable and gentle care at the office of Stephen Huber. Please contact us at 913-543-3751 to schedule an appoint with our dentist and his caring team.

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Dr. Stephen Huber and his team truly believe that dentistry is about people. They understand that it is not just a tooth that is being worked on, but that there is a whole human body attached to that tooth. Our practice is devoted to comprehensive and preventive care. Part of our commitment to serving patients involves providing information that helps them to make more informed decisions about their oral health needs.

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