One of the most rewarding parts of our field is the newfound smile and confidence we provide to our patients. We invite you to learn more about our team’s smile makeovers in the following cases. If you have concerns or questions about the transformations that Dr. Stephen Huber has performed, please contact our office soon. We look forward to helping you achieve your picture-perfect smile with our comprehensive, caring dentistry in Leawood, Kansas!

Case: Bob
Bob came to us unhappy with the shape, position, and color of his front teeth. Upon examination, Dr. Huber discovered that Bob’s teeth were very worn and that some of the old fillings he had were breaking down and developing decay. Cosmetically, Bob’s teeth were getting shorter and thinner, and they were developing a translucent, gray appearance. Dr. Huber’s plan for restoring Bob’s teeth to health consisted of eight porcelain crowns on the upper teeth and composite bonding the lower teeth. For Bob, we were able to successfully regain what he had lost with very strong and durable porcelain protection. He can now enjoy the handsome smile he had wanted for years.

Case: Carole
Carole is a longtime patient that experienced an unfortunate accident one Sunday morning. Leaving church, Carole tripped and fell, hitting her mouth and fracturing three of her front teeth. She called Dr. Huber, who immediately met her at the dental office. The trauma of the fall caused injury to the nerve in one of the teeth, thus requiring a root canal. Dr. Huber performed the root canal that day, and the tooth was saved. Carole was not interested in a smile makeover; she simply wanted to restore her fractured front teeth to their normal state. After stabilizing her injuries, Carole’s front teeth were prepared for porcelain veneers. Carole couldn’t be happier with her results. Her goal was to “regain what she had lost”, but she feels that her teeth now look better than they did before the accident.

Case: Dean
A radiant, white smile is youthful. Dean’s smile was making him look older than he was. Dean had lived with severely discolored teeth for most of his life. His comprehensive exam also revealed advanced enamel wear and enamel fractures that were weakening the teeth. During the follow-up consultation, Dean expressed that he wanted to preserve the health of his teeth while improving their appearance. After careful analysis, Dr. Huber devised a plan that would achieve the outcome Dean desired. Treatment included eight porcelain crowns on the upper teeth and composite bonding on the lower teeth. Dean’s teeth not only look more youthful, but they will continue to be healthy and strong for many years to come.

Case: Mary
Mary wasn’t ever happy with her teeth, and as a result, her self-esteem suffered. At her initial consultation, she stated, “I hate to smile with my mouth open.” Mary desired a pretty smile. In order to achieve Mary’s dental goals, Dr. Huber sat down with her and together, they designed her new smile. Mary’s gums were repositioned to create the illusion of longer teeth, and all-porcelain crowns were placed to give her a bright, wide, and dazzling smile. Mary now has the teeth she always dreamed of, but more importantly, she appreciates, “the self-esteem I have regained by not being embarrassed to smile again, and smile BIG!”

Case: Mary Ellen
Mary Ellen was tired of “patch and fill” dentistry. She felt her previous dental care provider did not listen to her and lacked empathy. When her teeth became sensitive while eating, she decided it was time to find a new dentist. During Mary Ellen’s initial consultation, Dr. Huber discovered some serious concerns. Not only was she missing some teeth, many of Mary Ellen’s old, silver/mercury fillings were breaking down, placing a lot of stress on her natural teeth. Silver fillings become a problem for many patients because they tend to expand and contract when exposed to hot and cold foods and liquids. Over time, this expansion and contraction cause the natural tooth enamel to crack and/or fracture. In order to bring Mary Ellen’s teeth to a healthy state, Dr. Huber created two new porcelain bridges to restore her full ability to chew. Our dentist also restored the health of several cracked teeth with porcelain onlays and crowns, and restored some decayed teeth with bonded tooth-colored fillings. Mary Ellen’s treatment was completed over a period of time, in several stages, but she will tell you it was well worth the wait. She now has a lovely smile, but more importantly, she has a healthy smile.

Case: Scott
Scott is your “classic clencher”, meaning any stress he experiences shows itself in his teeth. He had considered a smile makeover for years, but he could not seem to find the time to actually do it. The wear and tear of years of clenching and grinding had worn Scott’s teeth down significantly, thus aging him and causing interference with normal jaw function and movements. Scott’s smile makeover was set up in phases. The first phase required orthodontics to align his teeth. The second phase consisted of contouring his gum tissue to eliminate unevenness and create symmetry. During the third phase of treatment, we placed 20 porcelain crowns, giving Scott proper tooth shape, size, and color. Now, Scott not only has a very youthful and radiant smile but he also has a smile that is functional, healthy, and strong.

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Dr. Stephen Huber and his team truly believe that dentistry is about people. They understand that it is not just a tooth that is being worked on, but that there is a whole human body attached to that tooth. Our practice is devoted to comprehensive and preventive care. Part of our commitment to serving patients involves providing information that helps them to make more informed decisions about their oral health needs.

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